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Façade Design

Our multi-disciplinary team is eager and ready

to make your lives a little better by:


Facade Design

Our unique and artistic design skills integrate patterns of organic natural elements such as branches, floral, leaves, and vines, otherwise known as organic design or biomimicry, into our key façade concepts, bridging the relationship between people and nature.


Computational Design

By integrating computational design (CODE) methods as part of the overall design technology ecosystem, we can help clients in conducting construction feasibility research and providing pragmatic design resolutions in complex free-form designs.


Design - Engineering

We encourage in providing our full package by streamlining the facade design-engineering cycle from the conceptual stage to the construction stage to expedite design resolution process. With our BIM capability, we are able to collaborate with other parties effortlessly.


Structural Engineering

We provide full range structural engineering services from CAD, engineering design, specification, finite element analysis (FEA), fabrication and installation supports to clients across architectural and industrial markets.

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