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We are the first award-winning multi-disciplinary parametric design consultancy specialist in Malaysia focusing on design and engineering of iconic natural oriented ornamental facade prioritizing on cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability.


Our Humble Start

Founded in year 2017 by Ir. Chew Ooi Teck who have spent nearly 20 years in structural designs from architectural steelworks to heavy industry steel structure such as oil & gas platforms.


We started by providing design verification, value engineering and construction coordination for trade contractors. During the years, we were involved in some façade works for various iconic buildings such as Encore Melaka, LBS HQ, various landscape structures in Gamuda Gardens, twentyfive.7, etc.

From there, we gradually rope in computational works such as finite element analysis (FEA) to solve problems that traditional engineering methods, which are set by pre-defined codes, formulas and assumptions couldn’t solve efficiently.



Our Mission

Our mission is to make our one of a kind services reliable, easy, and affordable to help our local developers, architects, designers and contractors to collaborate with each other so that we could rethink and outreach our capabilities together in producing the best ideas, designs and works with confidence and a peace in mind.


Our Sustainable Goals

  1. To tighten the importance of computational design in relating to the practical application of the architectural and building industry in Malaysian and ASEAN.

  2. To promote environmental sustainability with the use of computational design with project evidence backing up.

  3. To ensure our quality of research has reached international standards and get recognized by local and international government authority and private institutions.

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